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About Me

Hi, my name is Katherine and I am the owner and artist at Second Time Silver.  Who says you can't have a new career at 60 years old?  I have always loved to create.  I have had the dream of owning my own little business.  So for the past two years I have been living my dream.

I think my favorite aspect of Second Time Silver is the opportunity to re-purpose items that could very well be discarded or just stuck in a drawer or a box.  I use old silverware, discarded jewelry, old leather and anything else I can use in making a unique fun piece.  Silverware Jewelry is not a new craft, but each and every artist puts his or her style into their art.

I love creating custom pieces for my clients  Using the "old family silver" to make bracelets or necklaces for family members is one of my favorite orders.  To see an old tarnished spoon become a shiny beautiful piece of jewelry that carries such sentiment is especially gratifying.

For your custom order please message me.  I would love to collaborate on a special piece of jewelry for you!

Looking forward to working with you!


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